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In December 2015 Council of Europe organized First Internet Governance Forum in Georgia, The forum was dedicated to the issues important for Georgia’s Internet space. There were many interest groups, representatives of the non-governmental sectors and other stakeholders participating in development of the agenda for this forum.

Following the Forum, early in 2016, “Association of Small and Medium Telecom Operators of Georgia” and NGO “Internet Development Initiative” along with other members of the engineering and academic community established primary imitative group to organize the next forum.
Representatives of the NRA of  telecom and  Media sector – Georgian National Communication Commission (GNCC), Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Georgian chapter of Internet Society (ISOC)  joined the group
On May 4, 2016 the Forum initiative group held a founding meeting at the Library of the Parliament of Georgia; the meeting approved agenda of the forum and elected the Organizing Committee.

Currently Georgian Internet Governance Forum is uniting up to 30 organizations and individuals. Forum Executive Committee has been elected comprising sixteen members.
The Forums priorities are:

• Protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms on Internet, support of democratic process and the rule of law;
• Support of participation of all stakeholders in Internet governance;
• Support of harmonization of international regulations and local legislation;
• Protection of Internet users’ rights and capacity building;
• Promotion of the universalization of the Internet;
• Support of Internet security and reliability, sustainability and credibility;
• Support the introduction of the decentralized approaches to the Internet governance based on social responsibility;
• Support the introduction of innovation, new technologies and services in the Internet sector;
• Introduction of the principles of open access and freedom of user’s choice;
• Facilitation of the cultural and linguistic diversity in the Internet as well as support the development of local content.

The Charter of the Forum is based on the recommendation of the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the Internet Society (ISOC) and the Internet Governance Forum Secretariat and the best practices and implies the multilateral engagement model for development of the Forum agenda, organization of the Forum with minimum cost and maximum transparency and maximum involvement of the parties. Internet Governance Forum is based on the cooperation of all stakeholders, bringing together 5 interested groups: government, private sector, civil society, the experts of scientific – educational and technology sphere and the representatives of international organizations. All participants of the Forum take part as equal partners.

Ucha Seturi, CEO of SMall and Medium sized Telecom Operators Association, was elected as Coordinator of Georgian internet Governance forum – Geo IGF 2018.

Contact Details:+995577773733; useturi@gmail.com